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EBOOK - BEcoming: Who In The World Are You?

"BEcoming: Who In the World Are You?" by Dr. Kenneth K. Law is a captivating journey into self-discovery and personal growth, intertwining wisdom from parenthood and biblical narratives. Dr. Law's emphasis on the 3 P's – person, position, and performance – brings forth a unique perspective on the intricacies of our identities.

The book explores the connection between who we are as individuals (person), our roles in life (position), and how we navigate life's challenges (performance). Dr. Law's eloquent and accessible writing style makes profound concepts surrounding these 3 P's easy to grasp.
A standout feature is the transformative chapter on the climax of BEcoming, which not merely concludes the book but initiates a practice of continuous self-discovery and personal evolution. This chapter encourages readers to rise above external pressures, fostering a journey of continuous growth.
Introducing the 5 Stages of Becoming – Awareness, Acceptance, Access, Alignment, and Affirmation – the book offers practical guidance for understanding, embracing uniqueness, positioning for growth, aligning with purpose, and celebrating personal journeys within the framework of the 3 P's.
"BEcoming" is an invaluable guide for those seeking authenticity, leadership, and a deeper understanding of their true selves. It provides an inspiring and accessible roadmap for anyone on the journey of becoming their best self within the context of the 3 P's.