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The Kenneth K. Law Life & Leadership mission is to develop and connect leaders by providing online courses and resources that will enhance their leadership, community, and life.

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Inspiring leaders and transforming lives.


Kenneth K. Law - Life & Leadership

Welcome to Kenneth K. Law Life & Leadership! On this site you will find online courses and content that will help you move forward and enhance your leadership, community, and life. 

"BEcoming: Who In The World Are You?"

by Dr. Kenneth K. Law 

"BEcoming: Who In the World Are You" by Dr. Kenneth K. Law is a captivating journey into self-discovery and personal growth, intertwining wisdom from parenthood and biblical narratives. Dr. Law's emphasis on the 3 P's – person, position, and performance – brings forth a unique perspective on the intricacies of our identities.

The book explores the connection between who we are as individuals (person), our roles in life (position), and how we navigate life's challenges (performance). Dr. Law's eloquent and accessible writing style makes profound concepts surrounding these 3 P's easy to grasp.

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Meet Kenneth K. Law

Kenneth Karl Law is the CEO and founder of Kenneth K. Law - Life & Leadership, Lionheart Global, The K7 Leadership Network, and The ADMINISTRATE Summit. With unusual insight, he regularly imparts into the lives of marketplace leaders within the private and non profit sectors, with strategies to aid them in growing and developing their businesses and organizations for greater profitability and growth.

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Growing Under Harsh Conditions 2-DAY Masterclass 


What You Will Learn 

Exploring The Mindset Of The Adaptive Leader

Core Principles For Achieving Peak Performance

Thriving Where Others Crumble

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Testimonials From Past K7 Events


John Nelson

Very informative! It's great to know that there are leaders who are not scared to teach others how to be a leader. 

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Jana Devoe Biggins


Melanie Dees


Melanie Dees

Living is for everyone! Let's take this journey together and move into a higher quality of life!


- Kenneth K. Law 

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